SafeNet ProtectServer HSMs

ProtectServer Internal Brochure

ProtectServer External Brochure

ProtectServer hardware security modules (HSMs) are designed to protect cryptographic keys against compromise while providing encryption, signing and authentication services to secure Java and sensitive web applications.

ProtectServer HSMs offer a unique level of flexibility for application developers to create their own firmware and execute it within the secure confines of the HSM. Known as functionality modules, the toolkits provide a comprehensive facility to develop and deploy custom firmware.

ProtectServer for Server and Web Applications Security

Sample Use Cases:

  • Encryption
  • User and data authentication
  • Message integrity
  • Secure key storage and key management for eCommerce
  • PKI
  • Document Management
  • Electronic bill presentation and payment
  • Database encryption
  • Financial EFT transactions
  • And more


  • Dual LAN
  • Up to 600 RSA signings/sec
  • WLD (Work Load Distribution)
  • Multi-threaded APIs
  • GUI HSM admin interface
  • CMD line interface
  • Infield upgrade
  • Remote HSM management