Datacard TruCredential

Produce secure IDs and manage your credential program with complete peace of mind using Datacard® TruCredential™ Suite Software. This powerful software suite — complete with next generation technology — empowers organizations to meet a wide range of application requirements, from basic photo IDs to high-assurance credentials. This flexible, powerful platform comes in four user-friendly editions:

TruCredential Express software for printing and designing basic ID cards

TruCredential Plus software for card design and printing, plus database support, enrollment and additional signature capture and reports

TruCredential Professional software for multiple users/workstations, smart card support, advanced credential design, reports, data capture and enrollment tools

TruCredential Enterprise software for enterprise-wide, high-assurance credential design including smart card support, reports, data capture and enrollment tools, plus built in integration with access control and HR systems


Express Plus Professional Enterprise
Image File Input
Magnetic Stripe Support
Bar Code Support
QR Code Support
Text File Import / Export
Multiple-Table Databases
Embedded Database
Microsoft Access Database Support
Signature Capture
Composite Field
Camera Support
Microsoft SQL Server Support
Stock Reports
Co-branding support
Smart card support
Document scan
Oracle DB support
Active Directory support
Access Control integration support
HR System integration support
Number of user(s) 1 1 1 to 20 1 to 100
Number of records licensed 1,000 50,000 100,000 200,000