Datacard FP65i

Economical instant issuance

The Datacard® FP65i™ financial card printer enables financial institutions and retailers to instantly issue unembossed financial and gift cards at a very low total cost of ownership. Engineered for smaller areas, this compact and easy-to-use card printer fits comfortably on the desktop, and offers full-color printing, magnetic stripe encoding and smart card personalization. It also provides patented rear indent printing for improved card security, as well as other security features that protect cardholder data and the printer itself. It’s ideal for multiple applications, including personalization of pre-embossed, blank or flat pre-printed cards. Plus, its compact design fits comfortably on the desktop.

Drive revenue instantly
  • Meet consumer demand for instantly issued, highly personalized cards and capture more business from walk-in customers
  • Deter fraud and strengthen card security with patented rear indent printing
  • Protect magnetic stripe and indent data from unauthorized interception during network transmission with Triple DES or AES-128 encryption
  • Improve printer security with a hardware lock suite that secures the printer and supplies
  • Reduce the risk of fraud with user-selectable encoding and built-in card auditing features
Economical instant issuance

The FP65i™ financial card printer uses direct-to-card technologies, which allows contact between the printhead, dye ribbon and the card to create edge-to-edge printing coverage. This cost-effective technology minimizes deployment expenses while giving you the opportunity to utilize single-color print ribbons to simply personalize pre-printed cards, pre-embossed, or create unique, full-color card designs for maximum impact.